Before the beginning of the 19th century, not many details are know about the industry located at Dömle Övre Hammare - mostly these are facts about the ownership of the industries. Starting from the beginning of the 19th century, there exist financial documents about the business as well as fire insurance policies.

Mäster Sven, Kil founds Övre Hammaren. All the buildings are brought up on the west side of Dömle älven.
Lars Broman, Bishop in Kalstad owns Övre Hammare.
Jacob Roman buys Övre Hammaren.
Carl Gustaf Löwenhjelm becomes the owner of Dömle Övre Hammare.
Carl Gustaf Löwenhjelm also gets the owner of Dömle Nedre Hammare. From now on, Dömle Bruk comprises two sledge hammers.
According to the fire insurance policy, the mill, the miller's house, the manor house, the foundry and the saw are (re)built. Saw, miller's house, manor house and mill are brought up on the east side of Dömle älven.
1884, ca.
The foundry is closed down, due to 'Bruksdöden', the death of small scale iron industries. Saw an mill maintain production.
1910, ca.
The saw is closed down.
At the waterfall at Dömle nedre hammare, a power station is constructed.
The mill is shut down due to the construction of new electric mill.
The water level of lake Visten is lowered, the waterfall at Dömle Övre Hammare disappears.