Döle ruins watersaw

Apart from the two preserved building the manor house and the miller's house, there are many traces after the perished buildings.

Most noticable are the foundation of the water saw (see above) and the mill. The remainings after the sledgehammer forge are less noticable, which is natural as the the foundry was shut down 1884, while the watersaw was in operation until 1910 and the mill until 1928.

Hus 5 och 6

The manor house and the miller's house. In the foreground the remainings of the reservoir, seen from west.

Ruin Kvarn

A corner of the mill's foundation. Seen from south.

Location of the foundry.

View from north on the location of the foundry.

Corner of foundry,

Remainings of the foundry's foundation.

View from south. Legend

View from south, taken from Forshaga Glofklubb's bridge. All photographs taken 2002-2003.

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